It is a duo with Chilean performer and author Nicole Mersey.

We go back to the roots of our intimate and artistic sensibilities, buried in our childhoods and in our teens. We rediscover all the naive dreams that once magnified our lives. We bring our memories back to life on stage through visual metaphors. We create a surreal succession of scenes with subtle ramifications. Nicole recounts her childhood in Chile, her exile in France, and her nightmares. We make our stronger wishes come true: Nicole dresses up as a figure skater and dances with rollerblades, and me, I perform tap dance and traditional dance (Mapuche, Chilean aborigine), and I play drums with my best friend until we both have tinnitus.

Natruträne, it is also: two blind creatures wandering backstage, a lyrical song from La Callas playing over and over, an old dictaphone reviving a very bad memory, a minimalist dance crossing tragically the stage, a pipe organ dying slowly, a forgotten Chilean star reincarnating as a possessed teenage girl, two little ghosts philosophizing about metamorphosis, a tribal ritual celebrating a dead animal, a spectre dancing in the headlights of a car... In short, it is about life, death, catastrophe, rebirth, purity, absolute, love, absence, lyricism, failure, and escape from the boredom of our everyday life.

Art movie made by Le Groupe Albert Dadas based on our performance Naturträne :

By and with: Nicole Mersey (Chili) et Blandine Pinon (France) / Cie Naturträne; created: 12.01.2013 @ NTH8 / Lyon; with the support of: La Ruche / Lyon, Ramdam / Saint-Foy-Lès-Lyon; special thanks to: Jean Joly (drums).

(photos : L. Papace)