With the psychiatric hospital



  • Au secours! Au secours! Au secours! Au secours! (2011): First contact with the world of psychiatry. A doctor from the Psychiatric Hospital of Lyon wanted to explore Shakespeare with a group of inpatients and nurses. He turned to us, Catherine and I: an actress and a dancer. We chose 5 monologues, then we tried to find how to approach this material with the group. We invented our method step by step, by small touches. Each participant, inpatients and nurses alike, extracted the micro fragments of text that resonated the most with them: a simple word, a verse, a stanza. Then we arranged and rearranged all these fragments until their interlacing made sense.
  • Correspondance / Rêver les ponts (2013): After Au secours! the nurses initiated a new collaboration with Catherine and I. I wanted a less theatrical concept, so I proposed an artistic correspondence with a group of long-term inpatients and nurses from the Hospital of Angers (FR). This second group was led by multidisciplinary artist Aline Landreau. This sensitive correspondence allowed people with very little mobility to discover other worlds, to cross symbolic distances and borders. The group from Lyon composed 4 video-letters, while the group from Angers answered 4 sound-letters. A red thread appeared gradually: the idea of finding the key, the key to understand the universe, the key to open every doors. In the end, these letters became the raw material of a performance created with all the participants from Lyon. >>> + the booklet Correspondances here

Two projects by: C. Hargreaves, L. Dulac, B. Pinon / Cie les 7 soeurs + A. Landreau and M. Delaunay (for Correspondances); with: 11 inpatients and 3 nurses of the Psychiatric Hospital of Lyon; created: 20.04.2011 + 12.04.2013 @ Les Subsistances / Lyon; with the support of: Réseau Éclats d'art - Ferme du Vinatier / Lyon, and LIEUES / Lyon.

(photos : Louis Dulac + anonymous)