Sucre de Pastèque

This performance is freely inspired by Richard Brautigan's novel "In watermelon sugar". It is the story of a community of people who are funny, poetic, quiet, and also suicidal, violent, and indifferent.

We welcome the spectators into our friendly community. We tell them in chorus our simple happiness and our solid unity. We demonstrate the sweetness and freshness of our relationships through our collective dancing (inspired by Bollywood dancing). Dissonances appear here and there. We don’t pay attention, and hide more and more in indifference and denial. We transform suddenly into a group of outcasts, excluded for a long time from the community, and commit suicide collectively. The rhythm slows down, the time stretches out. Our costumes and masks emphasize this moment, while the use of fake blood makes it impressive and burlesque at the same time. The 'kindly community' gains the upper hand back, erases all traces of the massacre, and goes back to its light and nonchalant life. No one questions himself. But the disintegration keeps spreading, until it touches the very heart of the group.

By B. Pinon / Cie les 7 soeurs; with: R. Defour, S. Delbost-Henry, L. Helmstädter, J. Jermer et Y. Lheureux; music: S. Ferlay; scenography: A. Fonfrède; costumes: P.-Y. Loup Forest; light design: J. Dubuc; created in 3 steps (2010/11): "Le banquet en sucre de pastèque" @ NTH8 / Lyon, "L'usine à oubli" @ Festival Avril / Lyon, "Sucre de pastèque" (full-lenght) @ Le Granit / Scène Nationale de Belfort; with the support of: CCN Rillieux-la-pape / Cie Maguy Marin, La Ruche / Lyon, Ville de Lyon, Région Rhône Alpes Auvergne.