Let's dance let's dance!

Young and old alike, come and discover, rediscover or deepen your knowledge of contemporary dance, in a mood that is relaxed, free and demanding at the same time.

I started dancing at the age of 5 and a half, rolling on bath mats in a small community hall. Since then, I have becomen a professional dancer, I have worked in fifteen companies, I have graduated as a dance teacher, and I have moved to Bern.

Now I would like to transmit my passion for dancing - from the simplest chased steps to the subtleties of stage presence - to children, teenagers and adults of all kinds!

So there may be few bath mats, but there will be above all: games, listening (to oneself, to others, to music), free and common movements, words, images and poetic material, little bits of art history and dance history to inspire new and spontaneous dances, in the very present.

Kids, kids, kids! Bring your mum, your dad or your adult best friend for an amazing adventure: a parent-child workshop full of new ideas to share joyful, creative and dancing moments with them.

Classes are held mainly in French, but any language is welcome, luckily the language of the body is above all universal. Everyone is welcome!