90 gestes fantômes

 1/ Let's say that the average length of a dance performance is 50 minutes. And, since the beginning of my career, let’s say I have danced at least 30 of them (2 per year over 15 years). Well, this amounts to a total of 1500 minutes (=25h) of movement. Knowing that one minute of dance contains about x gestures, that’s a total of 1500x gestures.

2/ I have always had a bad memory. Some of my friends can remember the entire choreographies of their first performances with only two music notes. As for me, I think I've forgotten 98% of all the material I have ingested.

3/ Despite this tendency to forget, some of the gestures I have danced or simply seen constantly haunt me. Let's call them my ghost gestures. They are like crumbs, dust specks of choreographies that stick to my skin; they are indelible tattoos imprinted on my nervous system. I have counted 90 of them.

4/ I fought for a long time against my ghost gestures. But they are like boomerangs: though I try to throw them as far as possible, they come back right into my face. So I will put them in the spotlight, I will consider them as a source of inspiration, I will team up with them and not against them, and I will create a dance that will be their kingdom.

Showings: Solo witout any technical needs (25 minutes) performed at Le Dansomètre/Vevey in September 2019 (work in progress), and Le Volatil/Nice in August 2020.

Concept and performance: B. Pinon / Seebergsee; production: Association Seebergsee.

Thanks: Freiform, Le Dansomètre/Vevey, Le Volatil/Nice

(images: T. Bellecave)