Aires d'autoroute



After a 'metamorphosing' encounter with art performer Keith Hennessy, I had the strong desire to invite all my preferred performer for a crazy lab about artistic performance. Almost all of them came, alternately or simultaneously. 15 dancers, actors, or performers, were gathered for the 5 most exciting and tiring weeks of my career.

« Aires d’autoroute » celebrated the art of inventing collectively, autonomously, freely, without any leadership. We impersonated visionary, involuntary, spontaneous, atypical artists; we jumped all together in a big thick cloud of ideas, concepts, intuitions, obsessions, bodies and minds in action. We integrated everyone's madness and know-how to create 10 public openings and 4 marathons of 24 hours of performance with free access to the audience.

 "I whisper: there are no rules!" German Anonymous

By and with: V. Balsiger, R. Bertet, S. Delbost-Henry, M. Engelhardt, C. Grassin, L. Helmstädter, S. Huc, J. Jermer, N. Mersey, A. Ryskiewicz, E. Saint-Jalmes, E. Combet, B. Pinon, and two regular visitors; Period: from June to September 2013 / Ramdam - Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon.

(photos: E. Saint-Jalmes, B. Pinon)