PL/ Accumulations is a stage outgrowth of Pixel Lent, a performance by visual artists E. Saint-James and C. Leclerc. Pixel Lent is "a ballet performance for 176 luminous snails (equipped with diodes, batteries), paper sculptures and two humans who are the guardians of this living environment." >>> + more info about Pixel lent here
PL/ Accumulations takes up to this minimalist visual and sensory vocabulary, and transposes it for 4 performers, a musician who improvises and the spectators who are spread over the stage area. A video projection of Pixel Lent serves as a décor and as a score to the performance, like a slow motion countdown. The 4 performers, only equipped with iPhone lamps, just like the luminous snails, reinterpret this score in real time, through imitation, distortion, contrast. They move slowly and freely in the space around them, progressing randomly through the spectators. They are connected to each other by a common principle of accumulation and de-accumulation of bodies, movements, and speed. In the dance, micro-details of erectile/retractile movements make their slow progression palpitate subliminally.

By and with: B. Pinon / Seebergsee; with: C. Schafroth, C. Forclaz, L. Zibung; live music: C. Scherbaum; created: 25.11.2016 as part of the Stamm #2 at SAS - Delémont.

(photos: C. Riondel, E. Saint-Jalmes)